By using the strategies of  Simply Outrageous Math: Ancient Solutions to Modern Math, students will experience the fun and practical applications of math.

Simply Outrageous Math Goal – motivate students and adults to become competent and capable in solving mathematical problems.

The Simply Outrageous math program uses creativity and critical thinking to understand ancient numerical systems that are a foundation to our math concepts and rules. By understanding numbers students can better understand math systems. Simply Outrageous Math is an opportunity to gain a greater appreciation of numbers and ability to solve more complex mathematics.

Students – you can learn to apply Simply Outrageous Math daily.  With just an hour of experiencing Simply Outrageous Math, you will look at math in a new way.  Your confidence in your math ability will increase your successes in other areas of your life.

Parents – you can discover a more positive and confident student who will take a greater interest in numbers and school.

After students have been introduced to a few Simply Outrageous Math lessons they discover that math may not be as difficult as they thought. They begin to believe that they can be great at math.  Students will learn how to do a variety of math problems mentally.

Practice! Practice! Practice! And you will see improvements in competence and capability and an increase in your confidence and self-esteem. Apply what you’ve learned and you can improve your math grades.



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